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Three truck accident defense options you could use in your case

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2023 | Insurance Defense News

Following a truck accident, a truck company might come under an extensive amount of fire. After all, plaintiffs in truck accident cases usually aggressively pursue liability against truck companies in hopes of recovering large sums. This threatens the financial viability of the company and its reputation.

With so much at stake, you need to find a way to aggressively defend against such claims.

How to build a robust truck accident defense

Fortunately, as you head into litigation pertaining to a truck accident, you have defense options, any one of which could turn the tables in your case. Here are some of the most effective strategies that you might be able to utilize in your case:

  • Comparative fault: If you can show that the plaintiff was 50% or more at fault for the accident, then they’ll be denied compensatory recovery on account of Colorado’s comparative negligence Even if you can show something less than 50% fault on their part, you can drastically reduce their ultimate recovery.
  • Show pre-existing injuries: You shouldn’t have to pay for harm that was caused to a plaintiff prior to the accident in question. Yet, all too often plaintiffs lump in pre-existing injuries into their personal injury claim in hopes of recovering more compensation. Don’t let them do that. Instead, diligently analyze the plaintiff’s medical history to see if you can point out pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Demonstrate exaggerated damages: Plaintiffs also tend to exaggerate their claims to allege that they should be paid more compensation. But you can scour their social media, conduct depositions, and scrutinize medical records to see if they’re exaggerating any of their harm.

Exploit the defenses that best support your case

These are just three of the many truck accident defenses that you could utilize in your case. If you want to maximize your chances of succeeding in your case, then now is the time to assess your defense options and start building upon those that make the most sense in your circumstances. Hopefully then you can secure a positive outcome for your business.