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It is never too early to start thinking about your estate plan and what will happen to your property in the future. An estate plan is an essential part of planning for your financial security. You can determine how you will protect certain assets, set aside and distribute property, and avoid legal issues down the line for your loved ones.

At Coombe, Curry, Rich, Jarvis, our attorneys help people understand the benefits of having a will or a trust. We recognize that each family is different, and everyone has different goals when creating a will or a trust. We work with our clients to understand their goals and personalize estate planning documents to suit their needs.

Taking Care Of Your Loved Ones

The state will divide your property and assets among your legal heirs if you do not have a will. Your preferences will not be taken into consideration. A will or trust, or a combination of the two, offers the best assurance that your wishes will be followed and that your loved ones will get what they deserve without having to go through some of the difficult aspects of the probate process.

Wills and trusts are often confused with one another. Both are essential tools that secure your assets, but they work slightly differently. A will is a legal document that relates how you want your estate and affairs to be handled and distributed after you die. A trust allows a very different type of control and distribution method from a will, as it removes the assets from your estate

Regardless of how much wealth and how many assets you have, you can still benefit from writing a will or a trust. Our attorneys at Coombe, Curry, Rich, Jarvis have years of experience crafting wills and trusts to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Handling Estates Of All Sizes

Wills and trusts are valuable documents when it comes to protecting your future and saving your family from a lengthy and expensive court process. Contact one of our estate planning attorneys at Coombe, Curry, Rich, Jarvis to learn more about how a will or trust can benefit you. Call us at 303-572-4200 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.