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Business Law

Our Business Law Group provides expert legal counsel to small, middle-market, and privately held companies. Our attorneys have significant industry experience in many diverse fields, and we cover a variety of legal challenges during a business’s life cycle, including entity formation, contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, intellectual property protection, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution. Our goal is to help you focus on running your business and out of the courtroom through legal counsel and negotiations. However, should a dispute arise following negotiations, CCRJ delivers a legal team that aggressively represents your interests in mediation, arbitration, or trial. At Coombe, Curry, Rich, Jarvis, we advise business clients on a wide range of commercial litigation claims. Our Colorado Business Law Group works with small and middle market privately held companies throughout the entire business cycle, from formation to contact negotiation, expansion, dispute resolution and winding up. Our experienced attorneys work hard keep clients out of court to allow them to concentrate on running their business. However, when circumstances make it necessary, we are equipped and willing to represent our clients in mediation, in arbitration or at trial.

Areas Of Expertise: Business Law

Commercial Litigation

Our experienced attorneys have handled nearly every type of commercial litigation, including disputes in the following areas:

  • Breach of contract in mergers, acquisitions, purchases and sales
  • Third party interference with contract performance
  • Fraud and deceptive trade practices
  • Breach of trust by fiduciary officers
  • Employer and employee disputes in overtime pay, health and pension benefits, retaliation and discrimination claims
  • Debt collection including promissory notes, mortgages and guaranty agreements
  • Indemnity claims – drafting, interpretation and defense, including insurance
  • Implied and express warranties on goods and services
  • Noncompetition, non solicitation, and nondisclosure agreement disputes
  • Intellectual property infringement or misuse
  • Antitrust violations, group boycotts, price discrimination, or price fixing

Corporate Transactional

In our business law practice, we stress protecting our clients’ interests and finding ways to assist them to achieve what they desire. This ranges from formation of business entities, selecting the best form of organization, drafting and reviewing contracts, concerning employment practices, and regulatory requirements. We have experience handling both the sales and acquisitions of privately held companies. Our goal is to be an active partner with our business clients, and provide our expertise for legal matters, letting them concentrate on growing their business.

Directors and Officers Liability

The attorneys at CCRJ have significant experience handling cases involving directors and officers liability insurance. We have handled antitrust and unfair trade practice claims brought by shareholders, regulators, employees and competitors brought against for profit companies and not-for profit organizations. The types of cases we have dealt with include:

  • Violation of fiduciary duties
  • Acts outside of authority granted in by-laws
  • Breach of certain state and federal laws
  • Misconduct of operations or company assets
  • Falsification during sale of the company
  • Misrepresentation in a private placement prospectus
  • Self-dealing and conflicts of interest

Employment Claims Defense These days, virtually every American can claim membership in at least one protected class. As a result, the potential for employment discrimination claims is higher than almost any other time in history. The attorneys at CCRJ have extensive experience in defending employers against questionable employment discrimination or other claims, and can help you develop a rigorous defense.

Franchise Law

Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing franchise clients, including the most common business question they have: “How do I get things done without exposing the company?” Our depth of experience enables us to quickly answer your questions and represent your interests, especially in litigation:

  • Dismissals from landlord, product liability and breach of contract claims
  • Permanent injunctions against former franchisees improperly using franchise resources
  • Shut down more than 50 non-compliant franchisees
  • Enforcement of forum selection and venue clauses in franchise agreements
  • Enforcement of choice of law provisions in franchise agreement
  • Represented applicants and opponents before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Trade secret and intellectual property defense

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