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What does the court consider when deciding on parenting time?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Family Law News

In Colorado, people often need legal assistance in several areas. This is true if a person is a business owner or their spouse owns a business. When other issues arise and guidance is necessary, it is useful to have help from those who are well versed in multiple areas of the law. This is especially critical if it is a family law case.

Along with deciding how to divide assets and address other financial matters in a divorce, children can be caught in the middle. Child custody and parenting time are two frequent catalysts for dispute. For parenting time, parents should understand what factors the court will consider as they try to achieve their objectives in spending as much time with the child as possible.

How does the court determine parenting time?

First and foremost, the court will focus on the child’s best interests. That will be viewed in the context of the child’s safety above all. For cases where safety is not a problem, the court will assess the relevant factors.

This will include the parents’ wishes. Perhaps one wants to have the child the bulk of the time because the other parent is frequently busy with their work. The child might be established in their school, medical care and extracurricular activities. The noncustodial parent will receive parenting time based on a schedule. That could mean weekends, during school holidays and more.

The child might also have an opinion as to how custody and parenting time should be scheduled. The child’s age and maturity will be considered when the court weighs their input. Since environment, education and health play such key roles in child development, the court will want to ensure they are given everything they need.

The parents may have a contentious relationship from the way the marriage ended. The court will want to know that they can put their differences aside and work together for the child’s sake.

Seeking help with family law issues is vital to be protected

Busy Coloradans who are in the middle of a divorce should have familiar and experienced representation that covers all their legal bases. If they are getting divorced and parenting time is a primary concern, this must be handled by professionals with full knowledge of the entire situation.

Calling for assistance is key from the outset as this can forge a strategy and take the necessary steps to decide on how best to serve the child’s needs while trying to help a parent reach a fair parenting time plan. Those experienced in all areas of family law may be able to help.