Insurance Coverage

Our insurance defense attorneys regularly counsel clients in coverage disputes that involve most all types of risk, from health and life insurance to auto, homeowners and commercial coverage.

We are familiar with the triggers for the duty to defend in Colorado, particularly when the duty is not clear from the complaint but the allegations do state a claim potentially or arguably within the policy’s coverage, or there is doubt as to whether a theory for coverage has been stated.  In Colorado, many believe an insurer seeking to avoid its duty to defend bears a heavy burden compared to the laws of other states. That’s why working with experienced insurance coverage defense counsel like the lawyers at CCRJ is your best move.

Our attorneys also regularly counsel clients in reservation of rights situations to ensure carriers can seek reimbursement should the facts at trial prove that the resulting liability was not covered.  As well, we have brought numerous declaratory judgment actions on behalf of clients by demonstrating that the undisputed facts conclusively show, as a matter of law, that there is no potential for liability.

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