Franchise Law

Every day our franchise clients are confronted with a very common business questions: How do I get things done without exposing the company? The CCRJ Business Law Group is dedicated to helping you answer that question. Our depth of experience enables us to quickly answer your common legal questions and handle your unique questions too. When it comes to litigation, we have the experience to aggressively represent your interests. We have:

  • Obtained dismissals of franchisors from a variety of disputes including land¬lord tenant, product liability, breach of contract and employment, based on a lack of control argument.
  • Obtained permanent injunctions stopping former franchisees and/or third parties who were impermissibly using the franchisors’ license methods and intellectual property.
  • Successfully tried an arbitration of a dispute between a franchisor and franchisee regarding a franchise agreement’s exclusivity provision and internet sales. The firm’s success was highlighted in The Franchise Times.
  • Successfully shut down over 50 non-complying franchisees.
  • Oversight and conduct of copyright, trademark and trade secret litigation (prosecution and defense) for several companies.
  • Represented applicants and opposers before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.
  • Successfully enforced forum selection and venue clauses in franchise and distribution agreements and obtained dismissals of out-of-state actions filed in improper forum.
  • Successfully enforced choice-of-law provisions in franchise and distribution agreements.

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