Engineering Malpractice

It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to become a licensed professional.  People who have reached that plateau in life often find the work itself to be stressful, highly demanding and, at times, unforgiving.

It is certainly the responsibility of architects and engineers to provide his/her client with sound and professional advice throughout the many stages of the service relationship.  Unfortunately, professionals are increasingly targeted to bear blame when a client becomes dissatisfied with their given result or situation.

Many malpractice claims are not the result of an actual error, omission, or mistake. Instead, they often seem to arise simply because professionals are perceived to have “deeper pockets” than other individuals.

Architects and engineers face increased exposure to charges of professional malpractice due to a variety of developments in recent years. The industry hosts a claims environment that is rapidly and continuously changing.  There is wide variation among the numerous industry rules and ethical guidelines affecting architects and engineers.  Technology is changing the very nature of their professions and economic pressures are mounting.   CCRJ has experienced trial attorneys who are well-versed in all these areas, and who focus on the defense of professional liability claims in an industry where they have become so common that many owners and contractors consider professional liability policies to be just another source of project contingency funding.

CCRJ provides confidential, aggressive and experienced legal representation to protect the rights of our clients.  Key components of our success in this area are the level of preparation we bring to our work and our ability to leverage that preparedness—along with our attorneys’ courtroom experience—on behalf of our clients. We believe our trial experience in architectural and engineering malpractice defense is unmatched in the legal profession. As a result, we often are able to able to negotiate efficient, judicious settlements on behalf of our clients because claimants familiar with our reputation know our track record of trying cases successfully to conclusion.

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