Asbestos Case Management

For many years, the firm has served as national coordinating counsel to a major manufacturer who is involved in thousands of asbestos-related disease cases throughout the United States. This is based upon the firm’s decades of experience with asbestos litigation and asbestos case management, most notably, prior to this assignment, for Johns Manville Corporation.

Managing a multi-thousand case docket requires the substantive knowledge of the litigation, in addition to management skills and the experience required to direct the litigation at a nationwide level. As national counsel, one selects the local counsel to represent the client in the various states, becomes familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of factual and legal issues in given jurisdictions and develops the overall litigation strategy. Further, the leader of a national docket evaluates the cases for merit, negotiates settlements, directs discovery issues and directs the activities of local counsel, which requires a high degree of risk-benefit analysis and being a good steward of the client’s best interest, reputation and resources.

Asbestos case management on a national basis is a skill that can only be learned through years of hard work and experience. There are just a handful of firms in the United States who are well-equipped to handle this task. Fortunately, Coombe Curry Rich & Jarvis is one of those firms and is highly respected nationally for its asbestos case management skills.

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